A Weekend Workshop...
the Second Half of Life
with Michael and Maria Morwood

Friday, June 16, 7-9pm
Saturday, June 17, 10am to 5pm
North Valley Friends Church
4020 N. College Street
Newberg, Oregon
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Once again Lumen Christi Inclusive Catholic Church of McMinnville is privileged to welcome Michael Morwood and his wife Maria, from Perth, Australia for the purpose of presenting a workshop on the developing spirituality of people approaching or living in the second half of life.  The North Valley Friends Church in Newberg will host the event at their facility.  The participants at the workshop will be invited to explore the source of their faith in the context of their lived experience. 

     ...To what extent am I willing to trust my life experience and my inner wisdom's authority?

The workshop is based on the conviction that people can avoid merely age-ing and choose instead to cultivate wisdom (sage-ing) by consciously choosing how they want to live their latter years. 

     ...Which inner "voices" do I want to be in the driver's seat for these years?

The program focuses on the link between inner wisdom and contemporary Christian spirituality.  It offers a range of reflective and interactive processes and tools that will enable participants to consider their unique journey of life.  Some additional questions to consider...

   What concept of myself and humanity's place in the universe do I 
   What concept of "God"/the "Divine" do I bring to this stage of my life?
   How do I see myself in relationship with the Divine?
   How can I access, affirm, and draw upon my life experience and my 
        "inner wisdom"?
   What negative inner "voices" or "inner critics", hold me back?
   When am I most "restrictive" self?  Is there any regular pattern?
   When am I my most "expansive" self?
   What do I need to let go of, be reconciled to, or find healing, if I am to
        to be expansive?
   What regular strategies will help me to be serene in my later years?
   How would I wish to be remembered?
   What do I think lies beyond death?
   How open am I to changes in theological thinking?
   What is prayer about?

     (To register for this workshop, simply print out the Registration Page, which can be found on sidebar, and follow instruction.)